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RapidPrint general usage and settings video

National Date Stamp and has been a leader in RapidPrint sales of automatic time, date and number stamping machines. We don't manufacture the hardware but are the sales and service for RapidPrint units.  While most "Time and Attendance" based companies focus on multiple branches of time clocks, date stamps, software, time cards and supplies, we at National Date Stamp cater to the time and date stamp branch of this industry.  We bring over 25+ years of service from the now out of business "Cincinnati Time of Northern California" and "Capitol Time".

Why focus on the RapidPrint brand of date stamp?

We at National Date Stamp have worked on the RapidPrint time and date stamp machines for over 25+ years including the popular RapidPrint AR-E (Time and Date Stamp), RapidPrint ARL-E (Digital Clock), RapidPrint ARC-E (Analog Clock) and RapidPrint AN-E (Numbering Machine).  We've also worked on several different time and date stamp machines including:
  • Acroprint
  • Amano
  • Cincinnati Time
  • Lathem
  • Simplex
  • Widmer
While all of these manufacturers have their own strengths and weaknesses, we believe that the RapidPrint brand is the most durable and well designed stamps.  Bidwell, the manufacturer of the RapidPrint time and date stamp has been in business for over 60 years.  And while other companies have come and gone, Bidwell has stood the test of time by providing superior quality and design.

Why hasn't technology progressed in time and date stamps?

Many companies have tried to create alternatives to the well known time and date stamps but have failed for one or more reasons.  The usual approach of today is to use a dot-matrix computer print head to write out the required time/date information.  The problem with this approach is that it is slow, confined to a single line of text, unforgiving to non-flat or thick surfaces and not designed to handle hundreds of stamps a day. Even though technology has marched onward in most all areas of life, the needs of time and date stamps are still best answered by machines such as the RapidPrint time and date stamp.

Why do business with National Date Stamp?

While we once providing 25+ years of on-site service we still service what we sell. While other "online only" websites can offer a better price on their time and date stamps they do not offer any kind of service or support.  Check their "Terms of Use" section and you will see that they refer you to the manufacturer for service and support.  The problem with relying on the manufacturer is that they do not offer direct communications and you are now left on your own.  National Date Stamp takes care of our clients, plain and simple.  We offer ship-in service, phone and e-mail support.